Increase Your Social Media Presence with These Tips

Managing the social pages of your small business can present an opportunity for growth when done right. There are unlimited opportunities in sales and brand awareness when you harness the power of social media because visits to social sites make up about 20% of time spent online on both mobile and desktop devices (Business Insider). If you want to take advantage of the popularity of social media to boost your business, take a look at the following steps to bolster your business’s social presence and increase customer engagement with your brand.

social media presence

Create Profiles on All Social Networks

While Facebook continues to dominate social media in every demographic, it is not the only social site that matters. Creating profiles across all major social sites—Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook—will maximize your exposure and allow you to test out different social strategies utilizing the varying formats of each platform.

Invest the Most Time on Networks Where Your Customers Spend Time

Once you begin to manage multiple social profiles for your business, you can see where you are gaining the most attention from your customers. With this data, you’ll know where to dedicate the most time to updates and interaction.

Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Site

The content you create and post on your website can propel your social presence because it will be easy for readers to share—especially when you add social sharing widgets to your site. In addition to making your content more shareable, social buttons can also allow for one-click following, which increases the number of viewers your social profiles will see.

Avoid Obvious Self-Promotion

Successful social marketing requires a nuanced approach. Rather than blatantly advertising with social posts, you will want to primarily focus on offering helpful information or interesting discussions with your customers. About 8 out of 10 posts should be more engaging, while the other 20% can include a more direct sales pitch or promotion.

Interact with Your Followers

Finally, you’ll want to remember that social media relies on back and forth communication between users, so it is beneficial to reach out to your followers and those who mention your company. Continuing the conversation about your company can create a more positive and relatable image for your brand, which will keep customers coming back.

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