Convert Leads: How to Gain Customers in 4 Easy Steps

How to Convert Leads to Customers in 4 Easy Steps

Gathering leads is only one facet of effective sales. A small business needs to convert leads to make marketing efforts worth the resources.

Provide live representation. 

  • When potential customers have someone to talk to in person, they are more likely to have positive experiences and follow convert leadsthrough with purchases or services.
  • Live chat or phone answering services can be effective tools for ensuring that calls don’t go to voicemail.

Gather contact information.

  • Be sure that you take down contact info for leads so that you have a way to follow up in the future, especially if a sale is not made during that first interaction.

Communicate often.

  • Don’t use overt sales pitches, but stay in communication with your leads.
  • Offer a weekly, monthly, or daily newsletter to keep your brand presence high.

Create a call to action.

  • Even with non-sales based newsletters, a CTA should be included to make that conversion.
  • Subtlety is important, but customers want it to be easy to make a purchase when they’re ready.

(Source: BrightLocal)