Increase Your Search ROI

Investing in budget and bid optimization for a paid search campaign does not necessarily require allocating more money for better results. In order to achieve a higher return on investment for your search campaign, you should focus on spending strategically rather than spending frivolously. A higher investment does not always lead to increased ROI because there are analytics to consider as you break up your budget and place bids on keywords. Here you can get a look at the more refined strategies for increasing your search ROI for a more effective and profitable campaign.

Track your results.

It is important to design a search campaign that is adaptable since you will depend on analytics to fine-tune your approach and adjust your budget accordingly. Conversion tracking will allow you to see the effectiveness of ads and keywords. Conversion tracking tools not only offer a look at the total number of conversions per ad, but they show the cost-per-conversion, which you can compare to your sales from those conversions. If your per-conversion cost for a given ad is higher than your average sale, a new optimization strategy may be necessary. For a more in-depth analysis of your conversions, Google Analytics can offer advanced conversion reports and funnel analyses.

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Change your keyword strategy.

Once you have identified weak spots that may exist in your campaign, you can begin to adjust keywords and bids. Low-performing keywords might be eliminated altogether or adjusted to a lower cost-per-click so that more of your budget is freed up for higher performing keywords that show a profit. Using more specific, targeted keywords can also be a more effective strategy that will give customers a better idea of the services you offer. This can increase conversion rates and reduce your bounce rate since customers will be less likely to get to your website and find that your services are not what they are looking for.

Link to relevant landing pages.

Links within clickable ads should direct customers to relevant pages for the ad, rather than a link to the homepage. When customers are led to irrelevant pages, they are less likely to make a purchase or sign up for an offer.

Effective search marketing is an ongoing process, which is why you might seek dedicated Search Advertising services to ensure that your advertising budget is well-spent. Want to learn more? Give Local Search Essentials a call today to discuss your needs in search engine advertising and keyword research.