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Local Services Ads by Google help you connect with people who are searching for the services you offer, in the areas you service.

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Local Services ads display promently to consumers searching for the services you provide, in the areas you service!

Prominent PlacementShow at the top of Google search results

Local Services ads appear at the top of Google search results when people search for the services you offer in your service area. Potential customers will find you right away, and can either call or send a text message by a simple click or tap on your ad.

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Advanced TargetingGuaranteed visibility across your entire service area

Choose the specific cities & zip codes you want to target. Ads will only be shown to people who are physically located within that area at the time of their search, or when they include the name of the city or zip code as part of a search phrase.

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Specific Job TypesQualified leads, for the services you offer

Connect with potential customers who are searching for services you provide and are most likely to book. Choose from a list of potential services to promote, then when people search for phrases related to those services, your ads will be eligible to appear.

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Reputation MarketingBuild & market your reputation to potential customers

The biggest factor influencing success will be your reviews & reputation. Average star rating & quantity of reviews affect rankings within the Local Services ads - and providers with higher star ratings and more reviews stand out and typically book more jobs.

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Better Conversion RatesBuild trust with the "Google Guarantee"

All businesses that serve customers at their homes must complete license & insurance verification, as well as background checks in order to earn the “Google Guaranteed” badge. The "Guarantee" is essential to ensure prominent placement in search results.

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Complete TransparencyConnect directly with local customers

Google makes it easy for consumers searching for local service providers on Google to call or send text messages straight from the Local Services ads. You can reply to messages, track bookings, & manage all your leads anytime online or through the app.

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Pay For PerformanceOnly pay when your ads work

With Local Services ads, you only pay for leads related to your business or the services you offer. Lead prices vary depending on your location, the job type, and the type of lead. You'll never pay more for leads than your monthly max budget.

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  • Animals & Pets

      •  Kennels & Pet Boarding

      •  Pet Adoption

      •  Pet Grooming

      •  Pet Sitting & Walking

      •  Veterinarians

  • Attorneys & Legal Services

      •  Accidents & Personal Injury Law

      •  Business & Corporate Law

      •  Criminal Law

      •  Family Law (incl. Divorce)

      •  Medical Malpractice Law

  • Automotive Repair & Service

      •  Auto Parts & Accessories

      •  Auto Service & Repair

      •  Brake Repair & Inspection

      •  Glass Tinting

      •  Washing & Detailing

  • Dentists & Dental Services

      •  Cosmetic Dentistry

      •  General Dentistry

      •  Orthodontics

      •  Pediatric Dentistry

      •  Teeth Whitening Centers

  • Health & Fitness

      •  Addiction Recovery

      •  Assisted Living & Home Care Services

      •  Chiropractic Care

      •  Hospitals & Clinics

      •  Medical Spas

  • Home & Home Improvement

      •  Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

      •  Carpet, Rug & Flooring Cleaning

      •  Garage Door Repair

      •  Plumbing

      •  Roofing & Gutters

  • Personal Services

      •  Dry Cleaners & Laundry

      •  Funeral & Cemetery

      •  Party & Special Event Planning

      •  Photography

      •  Roofing & Gutters

  • Physicians & Surgeons

      •  Allergy & Immunology

      •  Dermatology

      •  Optometry

      •  Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

      •  Podiatry


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